Arhar Dal

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Product Description

Dals or lentils are an intrinsic part of Indian cooking. When it comes to dal arhar dal is the most popular one and is replete with health-benefiting properties including weight loss. Also known as toor dal, arhar dal is often served with rice and vegetable curries. For vegetarians, this particular dal is a great source of protein and healthy carbs. Protein is necessary for overall well-being as our body requires it to build and repair tissues. A protein-packed meal can also contribute in making you feel full for a longer period of time. This could benefit the fitness freaks and those who are trying to lose weight. Best quality pulses and staples and other pulses for our quality conscious customers. Order Online on Riddhi Siddhi Provisions, Gorakhpur's largest online grocery. Grocery Home Delivery. All Essential delivered at your doorsteps.

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